Strymona the mouth of the bay Strymoniko, created by nature in the river delta, a region with strong fauna and flora. The natural harbor as they improved to mild human intervention, it serves the anchorage of boats and boat fishermen, professionals and amateurs in the area. There is so near the Municipal Department of Law Kerdylion with beautiful beaches and the archaeological site of Amphipolis. The mountains of Kerdyllion and Pangaiou with beautiful forests, the fertile lowland areas and the estuary of the river to the sea form a beautiful landscape with unique natural beauty. Although it has undergone several operations in humans, many forms of life around and survive in this. Particularly in the delta of the river near Amphipolis, there is a small wetland that hosts every year a significant number of waterfowl and parydatinon ptinon.Axizei noting that the area is rare flora and fauna protected by the network NATURA.