The city of Serres appear first time in history in the early 5th century. Herodotus mentions the name of "Siris" and identify "Paioniki", while their residents Siropaiones calls. The oldest monument Epigraphical to save the script "Sirraion town is the Roman era and is located in the Archaeological Museum of Serres. The city is not well known in ancient times and the Roman domination, but the Byzantine times referred to as "great and wonderful police, big, strong and rich, and was the subject of Capital Strymona. In 1204 AD passed into the hands of the Franks, where he remained until 1230 when the Bulgarians conquered. In 1245 the city anakatelave Byzantium under the authority of Paleologos. While from 1383 until 1913 the town was under the yoke of the Turks. On 28 June 1913 the city pyrpolithike wild by Bulgarians as they opisthochorousan anticipating defeat by the Greek Army who proilafne and 29 June 1913 released by the Greek army. In the Second World War the city was conquered by the Germans. The Germans admiring the heroism of the guards of the fortress, in the delivery ceremony heroes and values have allowed them to go on with normal phalanx Serres and arms in order to deliver it to the military occupation administration. After the defeat of the Axis and the forthcoming release, Bulgarians leaving the city, set fire to a section for the second time.