At a distance of 12 km northeast of Serres deep ravine in the Terms Menoikiou is the Holy Monastery of Prodromou, one of the historical monasteries of Macedonia. Founded around 1270-1278 by the monk Ioannikio, Serraio origin, who originally was monk on Mount Athos, and then bishop Ezevon (Daphne current prefecture of Serres). A few years later, around 1300, was renovated by the Ioakim nephew, who took the name John when became monk. With this name in 1505 declared holy. The memory is honored on December 12. From the early years of its establishment was the favor of the Byzantine emperors. With donations and grants them significant assets acquired and quickly developed into a great monastic center. With the history of the monastery is connected the name of the Tsar of Serbia Stephen Dousan, who benefit in many ways. The monastery of Prodromos withdrew after the first fall Patriarch Gennadius Scholarios B, where he died and was buried. During Ottoman times experienced periods of recession and economic development in which the various built prosktismata shaping the current face of a small fortified state, which faces the visitor as it takes the last turn of the road that leads uphill to the monastery.