The Monastery of Agia Paraskevi operates several centuries before. At five hundred (500) years it was a succursal Holy Monastery of Panagia Eikosifoinissis Pangaiou. In Bulgarian Bulgarians held by arson set fire to the Monastery and were ashes.
In November 1988 taken by the Mother Mariam and starting the rebuilding of the Monastery.
The rebuilding continues. The Monastery rebuilt by the year 2004 with the reconstruction and many other buildings necessary for the operation of the Monastery.
With the population exchange between Greece and Turkey, diogmenes six nuns who emonazan the Holy Monastery of Prodromou Imairon Chaldeias Sea, carried along the holy icons of the iconostasis of the Holy Monastery there. The nuns were blessed them in the province of Drama, where the prompt Despotis Lavrentis of Drama (which he had come from the Sea two years earlier, in 1922, leaving the Holy Metropolis Chaldeias Kerasountos), Monastery of Panagia Eikossifoinisis granted in six sisters nuns succursal of the Temple, the Monastery of Agia Paraskevi and by the year 1924 the monastery of Agia Paraskevi officially declared independent Monastery.