The narrow streets of the First and picturesque alleys paved with blocks, from young and older homes, lead in the asphalted road that leads to the monastery of St. Withdrawal of the Lord in Pangeo. The steep and tortuous road is located in the middle of a deep and narrow gorge , forming two large and almost rugged mountain peaks, starting from the edge of the village parallel and finished off the chest of the mountain, having joined at the point where exactly is the history of the monastery. Walking up to the mountain after the first turn, right near the bridge, appear quite distinctly, the ruins of the old monastery of Prophet Elias, who at the passing of years, went out the traces of creation and destruction.
The glorious and blessed nature, dream, bathed in sunset sunset. porfyrenios the sun from the distant peaks of Bellis chrysose of chestnut leaves, the average and beech and 'strange asimose the deep green of pine and oak on the slopes and scenic' ormania of Pangaiou. The Enchanted sunset flooded everything in the blinding light, which indeed dazzle the eyes, the last turn of the Hill, the beautiful monastery raises majestically wrapped in a bright cloud, like high olofoto castle, tower chrysoplokotatos be raised high in the sky ... The magnificent holy Taking of Christ.