On the road Serres - Kavala, immediately after the Community Kormistas the limits of the prefectures of Serres - Kavala, on the north side of the overgrown conditions Pangaiou in an excellent location, at an altitude of 753 m, is the Holy Monastery of Panagia Eikosifoinissas. It is one of the two holy places in eastern Macedonia, and today continues to attract a crowd of believers, who come to the proskynisoun "acheiropoiito image of the Virgin" and calm environment within stogalinio tis.To name of the monastery, in the prevailing version , due to the miracle of the image of the Virgin, which elampe skorpouse light and "palm", ie red, purple like the Phoenicians. Thereafter comes the name: Phoenician painting - painting - Phoenician-Eikosifoinissa.I monastery, especially in the Ottoman period, offered a lot for the maintenance of Hellenism and Orthodoxy in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, that caused the anger laws, originally Turks and then the Bulgarians. Repeatedly faced the devastating attacks and highlighted many martyron.Protos founder of the monastery, the Saint German (518 AD).