The ruins of the famous, especially in the Roman and early Christian times, the city of Philippi is in the Eastern Makedonias.O archaeological site of Philippi, located next to the office of the City of Krinides and 15km away. by the Kavala and 21chlm. of Drama.
It is worth seeing: the walls, the citadel, the great basilica D, basilica B, octagon, the episkopeio the market, the temple, the monument of C. Vibius Quartus
Following the small path next to the State will not be on the hill of the prehistoric village, the systematic excavation of which began in 1961 and made a joint program of cooperation of the Archaeological Society and the French Archaeological School. In the area of the excavation are not yet visited monuments, but some representative findings of the excavations are exposed to in the interim report interior of the Museum of Philippi. Figurines, pottery, tools and jewelry are the characteristics of the culture of the first inhabitants of the region of Philippi from the Middle Neolithic period to the end of the Bronze Age. Life in the prehistoric settlement should be discontinued at the end of the Bronze Age. In the early era of the iron should be started the habitation of the Acropolis fortress of Philippi, which settled in the 4th century. BC Thasioi the settlers of Krinides.