Before Amphipolis, on the west bank of Strimonas, near the bridge is the famous Lion. These plastic monument epitaph the last quarter of the 4th BC century. The sculpture was restored to a conventional pedestal in the place where found. Of particular interest are the necropolis of Amphipolis, where many tombs excavated Hellenistic and Roman era. Important is also the muse of sacred Kleios, built on the brink Rematia. As is known, the Homeric hero Risos, Kleios son, was buried in the city. The holy temple of the muse was no external colonnade. The most striking findings are the walls of Amphipolis, mentioned by Thucydides. Few parts are saved from the walls of classic fortifications in the western part of city walls survive to NW-SE direction along a 143.30 m.kai height of 1 meter above .. In the north-east of the city saved another section stretching from the river as hills, buildings near the railway station. Is saved in length of 20 m, height 2 m and a thickness of about 1.90 m. It is built with limestone and periodically has openings for more rainwater drainage. Near the wall, 60 meters from a circular tower, revealed portal very well fortified, which controls the entrance to the bridge of Strimonas As the Thoukydidis.I existence was confirmed by recent excavations have revealed a series of posts, often reinforced with metal liner, belonging to the ancient bridge.