It is a river valley Epigenetic Aggitis length of 15 Km, created by the evolutionary processes in the basins of Serres and Drama, between mountain and the Pangaiou Menoikiou conditions. It is a deep and narrow river valley, surrounded by hard rock (this is the definition of Epigenetic valley) and innovative action due to a river. The valley of the river Aggitis, created in four evolutionary stages during the Quaternary Neogenous and is known as "Straits Petra" or "canal". The steep walls of this narrow valley that are considered artificial construction of Macedon Philip II, in an effort to apoxiranoun the shoal of Philippi and Drama. The gorge is a draft, which came from the cracks which have cut the marble base, but also by sediment that had epikathisei in afto.Ta these cracks start from the village and contribute to reach the village Lefkothea.
Found "vrachografimata" that a publication in the magazine Natural History Museum in Vienna in February 1978, made by Charles Mais, Robert and Nicholas Simeonidis Zeeman state that found in three areas that represent rock animals (deer, camels, cavalry holding the reins of horses and akontia), and abstract designs .. From the performances of the rider, is likely that rock was in the 5th-6th AD century.